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For The Planet

Our Products

We are committed to using natural, organic, GMO-free, and sustainably sourced ingredients wherever possible in our products. When searching for sustainable ingredients, we prioritize and select products which have achieved independent certifications that we can trust.

Cruelty Free

We never test our products on animals and we do not use any ingredients from animal origins. We don't believe that animals should suffer in order to test cosmetics. Our safety testing is performed on cell-level reconstructions of human skin which provides accurate results without subjecting animals to harm and suffering.

Packaging and Shipping

We purchase carbon offsets to balance the emissions from shipping our products.

We are continually working to reduce our impact through sustainable packaging design including recyclable paper shippers, no plastic fillers, and biodegradable plant derived tape and adhesives.

We encourage all our customers to reuse or recycle shipping containers.

Flatirons in Boulder CO


All of our products are designed and manufactured in our Boulder, Colorado facility. This gives us complete control over the manufacturing process and the ability to really understand our impact on the environment. We are committed to ongoing reduction of waste and energy usage. We recycle paper and plastic manufacturing waste and are constantly working to improve our production process by reducing waste materials.

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