Our Story

Truly O2 skin care is the result of more than 10 years of university laboratory research work. Our Chief Science Officer, Mark, is the inventor of lipid micro-oxygen. He has dedicated his research career to oxygen delivery to the body, specifically to oxygen delivery when the lungs are failing, to prolong life and provide recovery to critically ill patients.

Our parent company, Respirogen Inc., is working to deliver life-saving micro-oxygen to patients whose lungs are failing. While researching uses of oxygen, we learned that skin can be greatly improved by contact with oxygen and lipid formulations. We dedicated our efforts to simple, pure oxygen delivery formulations for your skin.

Truly O2 product development focus group

We rely on a network of women (and some men) to evaluate our new formulations, provide insight on their skin care needs, and set the direction of our research. We are motivated to provide the right skin care solution across generations and gender, and we want to help you succeed in the care and health of your skin, both face and body.