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Oxygen for the Skin

All of our products contain Truly O2 Micro-Oxygen which can't be found in any other skincare product. The microbubbles deliver a layer of pure oxygen to your skin along with lipids to support your skin barrier for beautiful, hydrated skin.


What is Truly O2 Micro-Oxygen

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Our Micro-Oxygen is made up of super tiny microbubbles. At less than 1/10th the size of a human hair, they are too small to see with the naked eye.

The problem with normal bubbles is that they pop. Our bubbles use a special shell made of lipids which mimic the outermost layer of your skin, the stratum corneum. This shell holds in the pure oxygen while it is delivered to your skin.

Better Than Plain Oxygen

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Truly O2 micro-oxygen is able to hold a core of pure oxygen against the skin, allowing it to transfer to the skin where it's needed most. The microscopic size allows them to move into every nook and cranny, spreading an even layer of available oxygen across your skin. As the oxygen is used, the lipid shell remains leaving your skin with a replenishing supply of lipids.

Micro-Oxygen Benefits

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Micro-Oxygen contains two ingredients with their own unique benefits:
- Oxygen is essential for life. All cells consume oxygen in order to create energy. Oxygen is normally delivered from the lungs through the bloodstream to your cells. Once the blood arrives, oxygen naturally diffuses into the cells because it wants to travel from high oxygen concentrations to low concentration. Our oxygen microbubbles spread out over your skin in the lotion providing a thin layer of contained, pure oxygen. This generates a high oxygen concentration on the skin surface allowing it to diffuse into cells in need, supporting your body's natural processes. Improving the look of your skin starts with a solid foundation of healthy cells.
- Lipids play an essential role in maintaining the skin's outer protective barrier, the stratum corneum. Lipids form a matrix of "glue" to bond together corneocyte cells. The entire layer forms a protective barrier for your body which holds in water while keeping out chemicals, toxins, and impurities. Lipids are also used as the building block of cell membranes. Ensuring your body has the right lipids to support the stratum corneum is key to soft, smooth, moisturized skin.

The oxygen microbubbles are delivered by our lotions formulated with minimal ingredients, no scents, and no dyes or harsh chemicals. Our lotions are formulated specifically to deliver the oxygen microbubbles to your skin, while soothing and hydrating.

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