8 Benefits of a Daily Skincare Routine

effective skincare doesn't have to be complicated

Published April 2021

The benefits of a daily skincare routine are endless. Clean, clear, hydrated, healthy skin begins with a commitment to a consistent skincare routine. We believe in a routine that’s simple — one that includes one or two naturally powerful products, and just a couple minutes of your time.

But if it’s so simple, why do so many people avoid a twice daily, three minute skincare ritual? Because it’s not yet part of their routine. Like habits, making a routine part of your daily schedule requires consistency and repetition.

So, what are the 8 benefits of a daily skincare routine?

The 8 benefits of a daily skincare routine?

    1. You start fresh and finish clean to give your skin a fighting chance
    2. Your skin stays hydrated throughout the day and night
    3. Your cells get a consistent dose of much-needed oxygen
    4. Daily repair and hydration results in smoother, more even-toned skin
    5. Consistent dead skin cell removal improves your skin’s natural glow
    6. Get improved texture and smoother skin with consistent care
    7. Creating healthcare rituals can create structure around our routines
    8. Prioritizing self-care helps improve your general state of mind

These eight benefits are yours by using Truly O2 oxygen skincare just twice a day. We promise that if you use our products, your routine will be easy, simple, and effective.


Skincare benefits that are more than skin deep.

A skincare routine means better looking and healthier skin. But the benefits go deeper. Your skin is with you for the long haul, and taking care of it means taking care of yourself. And it’s important to remember that your skin is an organ. It’s truly your first line of defense against pollution, sun damage, and anything else you may be exposed to.

To that end, skincare is self-care. And it’s also healthcare.

When you take a few minutes to give your face and body what they need, you send yourself the message that you are beautiful inside and out. You tell yourself that you are worth taking a moment or two for a morning and evening ritual that will make you look and feel better. So, here are 8 reasons to check in with your skin and give yourself a little love, every day.

Let’s start at the most fundamental level; daily skincare physically benefits your skin in a number of ways.

8 Benefits of a daily skincare routine

1. You get to start fresh and finish clean

A sound routine starts with washing your face (use a gentle, all-natural cleanser or toner). Washing in the morning and the evening removes dead skin cells and oils that can clog your pores. The evening cleanse also removes pollutants and toxins that can damage the skin. We recommend washing twice at the end of each day — once to remove any makeup or grime that has accumulated during the day, and once to actually clean the skin.

2. Hydration = youthful skin

The name of the game in skin health is hydration. Hydrated skin looks and feels better, and hydration means healthier skin, too. The healthier your skin cells, the slower the aging. And we all want to slow the clock. Your skin has ways of moisturizing itself, but we naturally lose moisture naturally throughout the day. Add the impacts of our environment, the aging process, and other factors, and it actually becomes quite difficult for skin to keep itself hydrated. Good skincare products keep skin hydrated by keeping moisture in, and holding moisture on the surface of the skin. The oxygen microbubbles in our formulas lock moisture in and keep skin hydrated throughout the day and night.

3. Get the healing powers of oxygen

Like all your cells, skin cells need oxygen. Drinking water helps keep skin hydrated, and it may also improve circulation (yet another reason for that morning glass of water). Our products use oxygen microbubbles to go one step further and deliver oxygen directly to your skin cells from the outside in. That means better cell metabolism and healthier cells.

Oxygenation = tissue revival, which leads to healthy, beautiful, glowing skin. All that science adds up to better tone, shine and smoothness.

4. Achieve improved skin tone

Pollution is bad for your complexion. Dryness and damage from pollutants and ultraviolet radiation can cause discoloration and uneven texture. This affects your skin tone and texture. This happens a little bit every day, so daily hydration and repair is a must. If your skin is already in great shape, daily maintenance will help prevent patches and spots. If you find you have begun developing inconsistent tone or texture, daily maintenance can help repair and revive the supple skin qualities you thought long-gone.

5. Revive dull-looking skin

Dry skin is dead skin, and dead skin is dull. As we age, our metabolism slows. Slower cell metabolism means duller skin. But time is your friend, too: Moisturizing daily keeps everything dewey and fresh, and 3 minutes twice a day will keep your glowing. Truly O2 makes this time more effective and efficient by offering formulations built with oxygen microbubble technology. This technology delivers oxygen straight to your skin cells where they need it most, thus speeding cell metabolism. Increased metabolism means newer, healthier skin cells, and healthy, glowing skin.

6. Slow the signs of aging

Every face tells a story, and that’s worth celebrating. We think you should have a say in the story your face tells. And good skincare gives you editorial control over what your face says to the world. To put a fine point on it, think of your house plants. When the soil becomes dry, it hardens and contracts. It pulls away from the pot, becomes hard and dense, and often cracks. When it is hydrated, it is soft, supple, and has a certain spongy loft to it. But even when soft and supple, maintains the structure the roots of the plants need to stay supported. The hydrating power of the oxygen microbubbles in Truly O2 skincare help your skin stay healthy, firm, elastic, and supple. It saturates your skin by providing moisture at the surface, and then keeping it there. And that means smoother skin with fewer lines.

To be clear, we aren’t against wrinkles. We think aging is beautiful and the inevitable lines that appear over time, tell a story we should all be proud of. We just don’t care for getting more or deeper lines sooner than necessary.

7. Achieve a grounded state through daily ritual

One benefit of daily skincare routine is that it helps us establish grounding rituals to begin and end our days. Routines are important because they make us feel good. Taking time to do something positive at the beginning and end of every day puts our best foot forward in the morning. And they allow us to put a pin in the worries of the day before we head toward sleep. Taking the time for a simple, self-affirming ritual (instead of stressing) can start a healthy chain reaction of thoughts and actions that help you sleep better at night and be more productive during the day.

8. Self-care is healthcare

An act of skin care is an act of self-love. Your skin puts up with a lot, and we think it deserves a little extra love at the start and end of each day. When you take care of yourself, you are sending the message to yourself that you are worth it. It’s an act as simple as cleansing your face and applying a clean, healthy product, twice a day. Taking care of ourselves requires positive energy and channeling that energy into your skin can help keep it looking and feeling good.


Your skin deserves a fighting chance against increased pollution and stress. It deserves to be supple and hydrated even when you forget to drink water. And you deserve to age as gracefully as humanly possible. So stop dealing with dry, tight skin. Stop dealing with uneven texture and tone. And stop dealing with premature signs of aging, caused by under-hydrated and under-oxygenated skin. Give your skin what it wants and needs. You can start today.

Take a breath.

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