Meet Truly O2

We are a Colorado company founded by scientists.

Our advisors are Dermatologists, Aestheticians, nurses and skin health and wellness advocates.

We live, work, and play where the climate can pose some interesting challenges to looking after your skin. With elevations over a mile (or two!) above sea level, over 300 days of sunshine, desert dryness, big seasonal swings in temperature, and large day-to-night changes, it is no wonder that our skin can feel weathered in this dry environment.

Truly O2 founder family

Truly O2’s team of founding scientists and experienced advisors are committed to developing and delivering skin health and wellness solutions using our novel lipid oxygen microsphere formulation.

Straightforward Skincare.

Limited ingredient formulations that make skincare easy.

We are founded on the premise that our proprietary micro-oxygen is an innovation that when combined with clean, naturally hydrating formulations, harnesses the powerful effects of oxygen for your skin and simplifies your skincare routine. Truly O2 starts with a nine-ingredient base lipid formulation, enriched with oxygen. Each product is then uniquely combined with simple, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients.

We NEVER use fragrances, color additives, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, diethanolamine (DEA), polyethylene beads, or animal products.

Safe Science.

Designed by scientists for maximum efficacy.

Truly O2 is the result of extensive research applying micro-oxygen to improve overall health. Our oxygen technology has been developed with support from research programs with the National Science Foundation and the US Air Force, in research labs at the University of Colorado, and National Institutes of Health.

While researching the benefit of oxygen in treating lung disease and wounds, our founders learned that skin health and wellness can be greatly improved by contact with oxygen and lipid formulations. Our research and development programs then became dedicated to simple, pure oxygen delivery formulations to be applied directly to the skin.

Real Results.

Results you can see for yourself.

Our testers are Humans. Real Humans. And NOT Animals. We rely on a network of humans to evaluate our new formulations, provide insight on their skincare health and wellness requirements, and set the direction of our research and product development. We are motivated to provide the right skin care solutions across generations, gender and ethnicity.  

We know your decisions are data driven and results oriented. Ours are too. Truly O2 wants to help you succeed in the care, health, and wellness of your skin.

Our History:


Lipid-Oxygen Microspheres are created by scientists at Columbia University.


The National Science Foundation awards a research grant to the University of Colorado for the use of microspheres in intravenous blood oxygenation.

Oxygen Microspheres are studied for oncology, targeted drug delivery, ultrasound contrast and echocardiography. Micro-sphere research programs are established at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Future Truly O2 Director of R&D, Paul Mountford, begins work on his PhD program in the Microsphere technology lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


The US Air Force initiates studies of Oxygen Microspheres for survival of severe lung injury, with researchers at the University of Nebraska and the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Additional Air Force sponsored lung-injury studies confirm the Oxygen Micro-sphere’s ability to deliver oxygen to the bloodstream when the lungs are damaged.

Paul Mountford PhD receives his doctorate from The University of Colorado, Boulder. Recognizing the importance of commercializing oxygen delivery technology, Dr. Mountford aligns with Robby Scribner, an experienced startup engineer, and his Mechanical Engineering undergraduate classmate at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Microspheres are studied for important clinical applications in treating cerebral clots, and for DNA shearing.

Paul Mountford and Robby Scribner create a business plan to develop clinical applications of the Oxygen Micro-sphere technology. The team evaluates patents developed at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and the University of Nebraska.


Paul Mountford and Robby Scribner are joined by Mark Borden PhD (CSO) and Bob Scribner (CEO) to create Respirogen, Inc., The company is formed to develop Novel Therapeutic Oxygen Delivery and commercialize the Oxygen Microsphere technology. Company research begins on treatment of hypoxia and lung disease.


Company research begins on treatment of wound healing and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, leading to breakthroughs in skincare and demonstrating potential benefits of Topical Oxygen Therapy in treating skin conditions.


Truly O2 is formed to develop and commercialize topical oxygen skincare treatments.

Under the direction of Dr. Mountford, Phospholipid Stabilized Oxygen skincare is created by a team of Chemical Engineering Seniors at the University of Colorado, Boulder, completing a project to develop a skincare lotion to deliver oxygen. The original formulation of Oxygen Microsphere skincare is introduced to a test panel and focus group in Boulder, Colorado. The company files patent applications for Lipid-oxygen Microsphere skincare.

To accelerate the delivery of this technology, an over-the-counter distribution strategy is developed to decrease the time to reach skincare patients and customers that might be able to realize the benefit of oxygen and lipids in promoting skin health. This strategy positions Truly O2 as a producer of “cosmeceuticals” - products that are intended to have a beneficial effect on skin health, wellness, and beauty.


Dr. Mountford’s mother, who has a chronic skin condition requiring dermatology treatment, is the first patient treated with Truly O2 Micro-oxygen Moisturizer and sees clinical improvement with Truly O2 Micro-oxygen Moisturizer, using the product under the care and direction of her Dermatologist.

Oxygen-infused skin moisturizers are furthered in development – (original) Micro-Oxygen Moisturizer, Micro-Oxygen Hydrating Night Cream, Oil-Free Micro-Oxygen Moisturizer and Micro-Oxygen Body Lotion formulations are released. Clinical benefits and improved aesthetic outcomes are observed in facial procedures.


Truly O2 is introduced online, as an over-the-counter solution to reach skincare consumers, aesthetic practice patients and customers that will realize the benefit of oxygen in management of skin conditions. Micro-oxygen Hand and Foot Salve is developed and launched.


Truly O2 Professional is launched with multiple oxygen-enriched skincare products in development for use by skincare professionals. Truly O2 continues procurement of novel, oxygen-enriched products to estheticians, dermatologists, and facial plastic-surgeons, working to reduce post-ablative procedure trauma, inflammation, and redness, improve treatment outcomes, and promote overall skin health and wellness.

Micro-Oxygen Recovery Foam is introduced to select aesthetic and dermatology practices. Positive results are observed in post-procedure recovery time and patient satisfaction.

Take a breath.

Get the pure oxygen you won't find anywhere else and say hello to beautiful, hydrated skin.