Oxygen Salve: The secret to smooth hands and feet

find out why you should repair cracked skin on hands and feet. (hint: it's not just about comfort!)

Published August 2021

Add hands and feet to your skincare routine.

Even those of us diligent about moisturizing our faces and bodies twice daily often forget our hands and feet. This results is undernourished skin on the parts of our body that are most likely to become uncomfortably dry and cracked. That’s why we’re so excited about the launch of our new salve. After months of formulation and testing, our micro-oxygen salve for hands and feet is finally here!

A salve for what ails you.

We aren’t perfect people. Despite our best efforts, we occasionally fall short of an ideal skincare routine. That means we have to shift our skincare focus from prevention to repair from time to time.

If you are a frequent hand-washer (hello, dry hands) and outdoor adventurer (hi, cracked heels) like us, then you know what can happen when these areas of our bodies aren’t given the attention they deserve. If your skincare routine has gone off the rails, don’t despair.

Our reparative micro-oxygen salve for hands and feet is here for you. And thanks to its careful formulation, it’s ready to do the heavy lifting of getting the skin on your hands and feet (and knees and elbows) back on track to feel smoother and healthier than ever.

Why is dry skin a problem?

What’s the problem with a little dry skin, you ask? Dry hands and dry feet are more than just uncomfortable. They can actually lead to more serious skin problems. Here’s why you should care for the skin on your hands and feet.

What can happen when you don’t care for dry skin

Here are some potential results from letting dry skin go untended:

  • Eczema. Excessive dryness can lead to the development or exacerbation of uncomfortable and unsightly eczema symptoms.
  • Skin infection. Dry skin can become hard and cracked and even lead to the skin breaking and becoming an open wound, thus exposing subdermal layers. This leaves you vulnerable to bacteria and can lead to serious skin infections.
  • Whole body health. Your skin is your first defense against pollutants and irritants and even plays a role in keeping you hydrated. If your skin is cracked and compromised, it can’t do its job.

Our micro-oxygen hand and foot salve is the answer. Don’t take it from us, though—read hand and foot salve testimonials from two of our test group participants:

Bria C.,⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Everlasting lightweight moisture. I can put the salve on the night before and continue to see its moisturizing effects throughout the next work day despite countless hand washings and hand sanitizer applications. Simply put, I didn’t think my hands would ever be this soft while working in healthcare … ” Read full review

Michael L.,⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hand+Foot Salve: Magic for a Mechanic’s hands. As a career aircraft mechanic, I spend a great deal of my time working outside with my hands in the elements. In the past using other products, I’ve had to reapply every two hours to keep the skin on my hands happy. This was quite inconvenient. With the Hand+Foot Salve, things are totally different. I only use it at night before bed. It goes on really well, and doesn’t feel greasy at all which is key for me. This stuff is magic. Maybe it’s the oxygen, maybe it’s the high quality ingredients … ” Read full review

How our micro-oxygen hand and foot salve works so well

Why our micro-oxygen hand and foot salve works so well

  • Squalene oil. Our non-toxic hand and foot salve was formulated using squalane oil (sugar cane oil) which absorbs very quickly. This is key for people who want intense moisture without a lingering sticky or greasy film.
  • Intense oil phase. The salve has a slightly more prolonged “oil phase.” We formulated with avocado oil, squalane, and caprylic triglyceride to extend the period of nourishment beyond what a lighter and more quickly-absorbing body lotion can offer. This provides intense moisture and protection.
  • Candelilla wax. The addition of candelilla wax into our hand and foot salve helps form a protective and virtually unnoticeable coating on the skin to keep moisture in and irritants out.

Whether you suffer from dry hands, dry feet, dry elbows, dry knees or all of the above, our micro-oxygen hand and foot salve is the solution you have been seeking. And you can try it, risk-free. Like all our products, this one is non-toxic, cruelty-free, and formulated without pesky irritants. Add it to your skincare routine today.

Interested in taking a fresh look at your whole body health? Trusted acupuncturist and customer, Livia Hall, wrote an entire article, Beautiful Skin From the Inside Out, and featured Truly O2 skincare as a key element of a holistic wellness approach.

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